Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

Here is something for our customers to know and let them stay worry free about their cloths as well as of environment.

Dry cleaning or wet cleaning?
If you are like many Americans, you’re bound to have a few items around the house that can’t be laundered in the weekly wash. And while you may have detected the faint whiff of chemicals when you picked up your freshly dry cleaned sweater last week, perhaps you didn’t think much of it. But it’s something to be concerned about.

What Are Your Options?
The good news is that there are nontoxic cleaning alternatives that are just as effective as dry cleaning with perc.
Research says there is no need for toxins in this cleaning process, where the key lies in knowing the pH level of the stain and treating the stain accordingly. Water-based stains, which he says make up the majority of the stains most cleaners see, generally come out with the standard wet-cleaning process. The remaining stains are oil-based and can be removed using specialized water-based pre-spotting solutions.

Smart Stop cleaners located at Carmel,IN is proud to announce that we are among the 1% of all cleaners in Indiana who have taken process of cleaning to a next level with Eco-friendly techniques and minimizing the impact on mother nature.